DEI Spotlight: Wendi Haught, CMP and DES

Author: Curt Wagner       

As co-owner of Spokane, Washington–based Framework Meetings and Destinations, Wendi Haught wears many hats for the firm’s clients once their event destination is sourced and contracted. She earned her DES certification in 2015, thanks to a scholarship provided by Meetings + Conventions Calgary.

What prompted you to pursue DES certification?
Based on what we all see happening in the daily application of technology and information access, it seems the natural next step will be having the meeting “in the palm of your hand.” The team here at Framework Meetings has always wanted to be fully immersed in our industry; the option of earning the DES certification fits our innovative style.

How are you using digital and hybrid events?
We have two key clients with multiple annual programs and a rural base of attendees. We are working with them on designing a learning opportunity for those past and prospective participants who may not get the time or travel approval to attend the face-to-face conferences. This way, they still can pursue their learning as well as stay engaged with the clients’ organizational brand.

What is the future for digital events?
Digital events will begin to be less daunting to both organizers and users with the increasing options in technology and personal connectivity. It won’t matter if the genesis is the organization deciding to use digital events for its own objectives, or the participant requesting more availability of digital options—the competition for participants’ time will drive more programs in the digital direction.

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