DEI Spotlight: Ronda Keys, DES

As owner of her own event-management firm, Inspired Event Productions, LLC, Ronda Keys uses her DES certification to help her clients with webinars and other digital enhancements to live meetings. Keys earned her DES certification in 2015, thanks to a scholarship provided by Meetings + Conventions Calgary.

What prompted you to pursue DES certification?
I chose to pursue the DES certification to gain new skills that would make me more valuable to my [now former] employer. Sometimes, event- management positions are considered non-revenue generating and therefore, non-essential. I wanted to ensure that I had a skill set that was needed within the company.

How specifically are you using digital and hybrid events at your organization?
My clients are recording webinars and in addition to storing them on their websites, they are using snippets for in-booth talks at trade shows or showing them in conjunction with speakers at live events.

What is the future for digital events?
The event-management industry is always evolving and as needs arise, we are able to adapt our events. Digital events prove to be cost-effective and manageable in the long run. I think they are a great alternative to — or a way to enhance — live events.

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