Hacking Homelessness at EduCon

At a “pitch-a-thon" that capped the Education Conference hackathon, one team came out on top. But collaboration and empathy won the day.

What’s the Word at EduCon? Day 1

PCMA Convening Leaders 2019 ended on a rousing note Wednesday. Here are some of the quotes that Convene editors heard that resonated with them during the final day of Disrupt + Deliver sessions in Pittsburgh.

A Deep Dive Into Attendee Behavior

Digging for honest attendee feedback, PCMA Foundation and Steelcase went beyond surveys in a study that gauged attendee behavior at Convening Leaders 2019. The results — released at EduCon — hold valuable cues for all kinds of events.

Humanizing Customer Loyalty

Humanizing Customer Loyalty: One Unforgettable Experience at a Time

Building a brand that resonates with customers is a simple idea that can be difficult to execute. Brand-experience expert Connie Chi will share examples of how brands successfully connect with customers and how you can level-up yours through pre-event and on-site experiences.

Incorporating Social Impact Into Your Business

Incorporating Social Impact Into Your Business

Social responsibility can do more than just improve the world, it can elevate your brand and inspire change among your team. Learn from a branding expert about small, but effective ways to channel positive association with your brand.

How Movie Studios and Theme Parks Visualize The Latest Event Trends

How Movie Studios and Theme Parks Visualize The Latest Event Trends

Venues play an increasingly important role in engaging business events participants. As the business events industry continues to face challenges in satisfying demands for unexpected experiences, the film and theme park industries are providing solutions through unique environments.


Rx for Better Health: Take 2 Hours Outside

It turns out your mother knew best — spending time outdoors is good for your health. A new scientific paper establishes a minimum requirement for that and gives event organizers reason to reconsider their programs.