Allen Gannett

Can Creativity Be Learned? Allen Gannett Thinks So

The author of The Creative Curve, who will present an Event Strategy and Design studio session at PCMA Convening Leaders 2020, shares four steps event organizers can take to approach their events with greater creativity.

San Francisco dining

San Francisco Foodie Scene Reaches the Stars

Convening Leaders 2020 attendees — and other San Francisco visitors — have plenty of special dining experiences to explore: The Bay Area claims the highest number of Michelin three-star-rated restaurants in the country.

Convening Leaders

PCMA Convening Leaders’ Content Studios Return in 2020

At PCMA Convening Leaders 2020 in San Francisco, the popular immersive content studios will cover eight topics ranging from audience-acquisition strategies to what’s trending now. Three speakers tell us what to expect in their sessions.

Susan Sweeney

Using Influencer Marketing to Drive Attendance

As influencer marketing grows, the events industry will get more comfortable with it and use it more regularly to attract new audiences, says an internet marketing specialist.

Virtual Reality Empathy Experience

Can VR Experiences Be a Force for Good?

At PCMA’s Convening Leaders 2019, the Virtual Reality Empathy Experience, designed by researchers at Stanford University, gave participants a chance to experience the power of VR for themselves and to evaluate its potential use for their own events.

conference education

Give Your Attendees’ Brains a Break, Not a Workout

Two Convening Leaders 2019 sessions shared why cramming your education program with loads of content actually detracts from your participants’ ability to learn — and what you need to do instead.