Build Back Better – Seizing New Opportunities for the APAC Business Events Ecosystem

APAC Leaders will discuss the key factors impacting the recovery and what new business models, mindsets and skillsets will usher in future opportunities for the business events industry. They will discuss the exploration of new hybridized business models, emerging omnichannel event and experience trends that are paving the way for sustainable businesses going into the coming year. Learner outcomes: Gain insights from PCMA’s and SACEOS’ findings and its implications on the industry Evaluate existing opportunities to redesign your organization’s value proposition Be inspired to take the next steps towards evolving existing business models and skillsets


Fireside Chat: The Future of Meetings and Corporate Events in the Year Ahead

Hear from Northstar Meetings Group Executive Vice President and Group Publisher, David Blansfield and Grail Insights Managing Director, Vivek Neb in this fireside chat moderated by M&C Asia Editor, Lauren Arena. Get expert insights and hear their take on the industry’s most pressing questions, including: The implication of vaccines on corporate policies around meetings, events and travel and the direction for corporates moving ahead Exploring patterns and recovery across corporate sectors. How does Asia compare to the rest of the world?


Digital Experience Institute: Delivering Value to Virtual Sponsors

One of the biggest challenges organizations have faced this year while producing digital events is engaging participants with their sponsors and exhibitors. Some, however, have cracked the code and successfully constructed a model in which their traditional sponsors and exhibitors gained equal or greater value in their digital. This interview-style session will pinpoint how an organization created a positive experience for stakeholders and participants alike. LEARNER OUTCOMES: Understand why the structure of how stakeholder’s participation in events is changing. Examine examples of successful strategies of stakeholder engagement. Determine how participants found value in the engagement with stakeholders.


Race, Equity and Actionable Steps to Increase Access and Opportunities for All

Join the award-winning author, radio host and three-time New York Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker, Dr. Kaye Wise Whitehead, as she connects the history of systemic racism to what is happening across the country in our cities, homes and businesses. To make real change in our organizations and industry, Dr. Whitehead will discuss how we can all play a role in becoming more culturally responsive. A conversation with Dr. Whitehead, Visit Baltimore President/CEO Al Hutchinson and event strategist Kirsten Olean will follow with a live Q&A session about how we can take steps to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in the business events industry. LEARNER OUTCOMES: Gain a deeper understanding and awareness of race, equity, inclusion, and diversity. Leverage metacognitive strategies for you to engage in challenging but productive conversations about race, social justice, and peace. Examine how your individual lived experiences influences your racial consciousness and awareness, how you see and respond to systemic racism, whiteness and privilege, and what actions you can take to leverage business events as a platform to champion access and opportunity for all.


7 Change Actions: Crafting Authentic Experiences with Emotional and Audience Intelligence

2020 has been the year to keep it real and that will continue into 2021 and beyond. Brands that recognize the importance of communicating our emotional, physical and mental truths are creating meaningful moments we can connect with. Haute Dokimazo’s Liz Lathan & Nicole Osibodu, will break down authenticity basics and outline the mindset and steps needed for your brand to be that beacon of trust, truth and transparency for your audience. LEARNER OUTCOMES: Define the five C’s of authentic engagement. Adopt the necessary mindset and core competencies to connect with your audience at a deeper level. Gather, analyze and act on audience insights with emotional and audience intelligence strategies.


Values-based Leadership Business Events and Hospitality Industries Need Now

These times of profound change demand values-based leaders who can both navigate the current moment and also act with vision to drive progress toward a stronger future. Mark Hoplamazian, President and CEO of Hyatt Hotels, is such a leader and will be joined in conversation by Dan Porterfield, President and CEO of the Aspen Institute, a global nonprofit organization committed to realizing a free, just, and equitable society. Mark and Dan will talk about what it takes to lead through a crisis, the values that serve as the foundation for effective leadership, how the business events and hospitality industries can—and must—serve as catalysts for change in the world, and more. Participants will hear from two institutional leaders about their own experiences managing complex, multi-stakeholder organizations and what they see as the moral purpose of convening for the world we live in today.


Creating an Antiracist Meetings Industry

A candid and soul-searching conversation on racism and white supremacy at Convening Leaders points out the role business events can play in creating positive change on a global scale.