Virtually There: Connecting Digital Event Attendees to Physical Places

These digital gatherings connect participants to the physical world, transporting them to real places and engaging their senses and emotions.

Author: Convene Editors       

digital events

Event designers are finding creative ways to transport their digital participants out of their houses and into the world. (Joohee Yoon illustration)

After a year of virtual events, surely we’ve learned a thing or two about how to help transport participants glued to their screens to actual physical places and spaces and how to engage their senses. In other words, how to connect digital attendees to the physical world. It seems we have — and we offer the following examples as proof.

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Prepare for Landing

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Neighborhood Watch

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Local Flavor

Austin had been a big draw for 2020 American College of Toxicology’s annual meeting registrants. Organizers needed to figure out a way to bring as much of the destination as possible to an entirely online audience. READ MORE

Airbn-Be Virtually There

Airbnb’s Online Experiences are giving guests a chance to see, touch, and taste new destinations from home. READ MORE

Going Glocal

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Virtual Field Trips

Two virtual events are making Richmond, Virginia, central to their education — and diversity and inclusion — programs. READ MORE

Smelling From a Distance

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Transported Elsewhere

A real-life location in Chicago anchored the Uber Freight Deliver Conference last fall. Here’s how event designers took online participants there. READ MORE

Petal Power

Zoom & Bloom takes virtual participants through a shared sensory experience that may connect them places and times in their lives — and leaves them with a skill for the future and a lasting memento of their time together. READ MORE

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