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From the physical set-up to the way you orchestrate sessions and interaction, we help you put the latest smart thinking into practice to create environments and experiences that have an impact.

Re-Imagining Medical Education for Tomorrow’s Doctors

Preparing for the future of medical education and medical conferences — from team-based learning, to physician wellness, to reimbursement.

BY Christopher Durso March 23, 2017

How One Annual Meeting Session Shook up the Panel Format

At IAPCO’s Annual Meeting in Dubai in February, panel participants — and attendees — had to think on their feet.

BY Michelle Russell March 23, 2017

Artisan Conference Finds a Muse in Norfolk

The Glass Art Society’s 46th annual meeting site clearly mirrors its program’s objectives.

BY Visit Norfolk March 22, 2017

Could Design Thinking Have Saved the Oscars?

There was a simple fix to the flub of the century, suggests one producer.

BY Barbara Palmer March 22, 2017

How AWEA Reinvented Its 2016 Annual Meeting

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) got the best of both worlds when it moved its education onto the exhibit floor.

March 17, 2017

Got Shrinking Room Blocks?

Although the percentage of room pick-up has remained steady over the last decade, the numbers have dwindled while attendance has grown. Is it time to think differently?

BY Michelle Russell March 14, 2017

Unpacking the 26th Annual Meetings Market Survey

Convene TV host Carrie Ferenac and Cara Moore uncover some surprises in the data.

BY Convene Editors March 13, 2017

What Does It Mean to Be an Event Strategist?

A meeting professional shares her thoughts on how to move from thinking logistically to thinking strategically.

BY Barbara Palmer March 9, 2017

What Did You Do Differently Last Year?

We asked meeting professionals to tell us what changes they made last year — positive or negative — in response to the economy. Do any of these look familiar?

BY Barbara Palmer March 7, 2017

The National Association of EMS Physicians Keeps Its Meeting in the Moment

Designing seating plans for attendees who would rather stay on their feet.

BY Corin Hirsch March 1, 2017

What Is the Meetings Industry’s Biggest Challenge?

Every year, respondents to our annual Meetings Market Survey give answers to open-ended questions about the industry. Here are what they listed as the most pressing challenges in 2017.

BY Michelle Russell March 1, 2017

Livestreaming Like The Pros

A meeting room is transformed into a set worthy of a morning show.

BY Convene Editors March 1, 2017