COVID-19 and the Business Events Industry

Convene reports on how meeting professionals are navigating coronavirus. Visit PCMA's COVID-19 resources page for more information.

5 Key Insights for Leading Your Organization Through the COVID-19 Outbreak

American Society of Hematology’s chief event strategy officer, Bill Reed, offers guidance on how to take a leadership role during the COVID-19 outbreak.

BY William Reed, FASAE, CMP March 6, 2020

COVID-19: An Opportunity for Event Organizers to Assume a More Strategic Role

As organizations track the spread of COVID-19, the situation presents an opportunity for meeting professionals to have a seat at the table in the decision-making process.

BY David McMillin March 5, 2020

Behind the American Physical Society’s Sudden Decision to Cancel Its Global Event

Hunter Clemens, APS director of meetings, shares why and how the organization canceled its annual March Meeting last week, less than two days before it was to commence.

BY Michelle Russell March 4, 2020

COVID-19: What to Say on Your Event Website

With the COVID-19 outbreak causing more concerns across the globe, organizations struggle with how to keep their event registrants informed of updates on their websites. Organizers of the Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition did it correctly.

BY Michelle Russell March 4, 2020

Is Run the World, an Online Events Startup, the Right Tool for the Times?

Run the World, an online events startup, is arriving just as COVID-19 is accelerating interest in online events. Company founders say they will waive set-up fees for events moving online due to the virus.

BY Barbara Palmer February 28, 2020

Toy Fair’s Playbook to Allay Coronavirus Concerns

Despite the ongoing health crisis, the largest toy trade show in the Western Hemisphere was a success this week in New York — thanks in large part to an effective communication plan and a resolve to ‘keep on keeping on.’

BY David McMillin February 27, 2020

Online Events Grow in Wake of Coronavirus

Instead of scrapping their events amid COVID-19 concerns, more organizations are moving their face-to-face programs online.

BY Barbara Palmer February 27, 2020

Global Pet Expo: ‘The Show Must Go on’ Despite COVID-19

Here’s how the American Pet Products Association is handling the loss of exhibitors from China and working toward a successful event in Orlando this week, prioritizing health and safety efforts with its partners and transparent communications with participants.

BY Michelle Russell February 24, 2020

COVID-19: Is Your Event Covered?

While the world’s best scientists and medical professionals are working to manage and to treat the COVID-19 virus, event organizers can do their part to ensure that their organization is fully prepared to address the impact of the virus on its contracts, insurance, and communications. An attorney shares what you need to take into consideration.

BY Barbara Dunn, Esq. February 18, 2020

Overcoming a Global Crisis

The lessons our industry learned from SARS can help us as we face the COVID-19 outbreak.

BY Sherrif Karamat February 13, 2020

In a Crisis, Can Your Meeting Go Digital?

For events whose attendance may be impacted by travel restrictions due to COVID-19, pivoting to a digital or hybrid approach may be a useful strategy. How the Water Quality Association quickly turned a F2F meeting into a two-day virtual event in the wake of a hurricane in 2018 provides an example.

BY Barbara Palmer February 12, 2020

Events Industry Experts Weigh in on the Coronavirus

The Events Industry Council (EIC) held a webinar on Feb. 7, “Industry Discussion on Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV): Identifying Reliable Sources and Factors for Informed Decision-Making.” Here are some takeaways.

BY Michelle Russell February 10, 2020