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Looking for ways to do your job better — or for the latest trends in the world of work? Here’s a roundup of career-related stories selected by the editors of Convene.

If You Were a Late Starter, Here’s How to Catch up in Your Career

Forbes offers strategies to help you compensate for lost time on your career path: Take an inventory of your innate gifts and tap into your passions; prioritize embracing your unique strengths that set you apart; remain patient, build a strong network, and be open to learning.

Three Ways to Deal With Your Micromanaging Boss

Micromanagers are everywhere. If you haven’t already worked for one, you will likely at some point in your career. Lifehacker identifies strategies and techniques to work more effectively with them that will serve you well.

28 Questions to Ask Your Boss in Your One-on-Ones

Good one-on-one meetings between managers and their direct reports address the practical and personal needs of the employee, benefitting their performance, growth, and well-being, as well as the success of their team and the broader organization. However, since managers are typically the ones who run these meetings, employees’ needs are often forgotten. Then it’s up to the employee to ask questions to get the attention they need. Research in Harvard Business Review points to 28 questions that can drive the best conversations, from a handful of categories — from getting input on performance to clarifying goals to building a relationship.

How to Deal With People Who Pretend to Know More Than They Do

There are some people at work who consistently let on that they have knowledge and skills that they clearly do not. That can be a problem, because organizations rely on the knowledge and skills of the team to succeed. After all, someone is unlikely to fill gaps in their understanding or skill set until they first admit what they do and do not know. So, what can you do about it? Fast Company has some ideas.

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