Ask Me Anything with PCMA Leadership Sherrif Karamat and Kirsten Olean

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Join us in this interactive “Ask-Me-Anything” virtual session and get honest answers straight from PCMA leaders Kirsten Olean and Sherrif Karamat. As the business events industry takes on an ever accelerating pace, leverage on their insights to give yourself a competitive edge in this rapidly evolving world.

We welcome all questions industry-related or personal, serious or fun. However, we ask that you take the time to ensure your question is concise, clear, and appropriate to the audience.

Some questions on our minds are…

  • COVID-aside, what is the biggest problem facing the business events industry now?
  • Should you be building a new start-up for the events industry now, what areas would you focus on?
  • What has surprised you during the past 12 months?


  • Duration: 01:02:40
  • Date: 06/08/2021
  • Speakers:

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