APAC Webinar Key Takeaways: Unlocking the Power of AI for Events

The “Unlocking the Power of AI for Events” webinar on May 10, 2023, was a highly insightful session with many of the attendees commented “Excited” but “Worried” about the growth of AI in our daily work-life.

“This is akin to the “Internet” moment. AI has been around for many years, but now it is graduating from the research labs to our homes, and in fact, onto our mobile devices.”
Veemal Gungadin, Founder & CEO, Gevme

Together with Florence Chua, PCMA APAC Managing Director, as moderator, and panelist James Bennett, Director: Creative Technologies, APAC, Project Worldwide, our panel of experts shared in-depth insights into how AI came about and how it can be applied to our businesses and events.

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