Tech Experts Weigh In: How Has the Digital Event Experience Changed?

Our editors asked companies at Convening Leaders 2022’s Tech Village at Caesars Forum to identify what’s changed about the digital attendee experience over the last year.

Author: Convene Editors       

Four tech providers shared their take on how their unique event tech solution helps to boost audience engagement for events during a competition on the Events Solutions Stage in the Convening Leaders 2022 Promenade. Wordly was named the audience pick. Winners in other categories: Juno for community platform, Projection for integration, Grip for digital marketplace, and Hubilo for service excellence. (Jacob Slaton Photography)

If you were to name one thing that has changed about the digital audience’s expectations during 2021, what would it be? Here are responses from several tech companies in the Promenade.

Digital audiences have a much lower tolerance for poor digital experiences. They expect easy access to livestreams, video on demand, and each other. They want to be able to socialize and if given the opportunity, they love shared activities. We’ve seen an incredibly positive response to our escape rooms where attendees can share the experience with their friends.”

Liam Nguyen, CEO, Pixel Canvas

Creating an engaging and meaningful community is more important than ever. This is the biggest change in expectation; rather than being a ‘nice to have,’ it’s a ‘must have.’ Attendees expect to make an impact and have human-to-human experiences. Enabling an audience to be a contributing part of an event through choice and personalization allows them to feel heard, valued, and have a voice in an inclusive environment. As event experience leaders, we are constantly adapting and so is our audience. Continuing to analyze and understand the evolution and behavioral patterns is something that must inspire our events in a digital or physical venue.”

Sarah North, director of Event Experiences at Bizzabo

With events shifting from in-person to hybrid and virtual, the ability to reach a global audience is greater than ever. Language barriers pose a challenge for event professionals to deliver on engagement, and attendees expect a higher level of customer experience and engagement. Remote, multilingual interpretation is now a bigger expectation in digital events.”

Elsa Abramov, head of global demand generation, Kudo

More variety of content, more attendee networking choice, creativity of content, quality of content.”

Kelly Bautista, director of event sales, Community Brands

Digital audiences have lost patience with fluff and friction. If you have an hour of content, you’d be well served to extract the best 20 minutes and deliver that instead. If you have a global audience, you’d be well served to let them follow along in their preferred language with an AI-powered translation solution like They expect your platform to work seamlessly and easily for them. Time and attention are precious. Fluff is off-putting. Friction aggravates and alienates. If you’re not actively including everyone, you’re passively excluding people. Digital gives you unlimited reach. Good content, accessible to a global audience, gives you unlimited pull.”

Chris Harget, head of marketing, Wordly, Inc.

Attendee-first events — attendees want to be an active participant in events, they don’t want a passive event experience.”

Monte Evans, general manager of video technology, Cadmium

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