Webinar: Keeping Everyone Safe When We Return To Face-to-Face

Our panel of experts is here to answer the top questions about what the return to events will look like in order to keep everyone involved safe according the research their organizations have done, as well as standards planners should look out for when deciding on their next meeting venue.

Chat & Learn: What To DO if Crisis Strikes

Learn how to sharpen your decision making and do what’s best for your brand when confronted with unexpected threats to your reputation. Hear about communication strategies that top crisis managers deploy to deal with the unplanned and get out of the news when it occurs.

Webinar: Security Considerations For Your Next Event

Security measures have increased in every aspect, so we have brought in the experts. Join us as we move through protocols and procedures to keep everyone, from attendees to VIPs, safe when they step back into face-to-face events.

Webinar: Conquer the Fear: Transitioning Speakers From Face-to-Face to Virtual

In these unprecedented times, speakers are being asked to make the leap and present virtually. While some speakers are experienced on virtual platforms, for many this is a huge change, and therefore leads to discomfort. Keynote speaker Sara Ross is ready to share her arsenal of best practices and ways to make your speaker feel more comfortable presenting online. In the second half of this session, Tim Mathy of Speak Inc. will join the conversation and add his expertise to answer your questions on how to aide speakers in becoming the star of your virtual event.

Webinar: Communication Strategies in Uncertain Times

We live in a time of increased risks that make it critical for business event organizers to have a strong, cohesive crisis communications plan. If a crisis hits that impacts your event, you should be ready to communicate to participants, internal and external stakeholders, as well as the media with tailored, targeted messages. In this webinar, Michael Wigent, Regional Operations Manager - Americas, Cisco will share how to deliver the right messages with the proper tone and communication channel when a crisis occurs.

Webinar: Contract Crisis Preparedness For Suppliers

Basic knowledge of your contract language is not enough - you must have the right steps in place to act quickly when a customer wants to make a change due to unforeseen circumstances. Attorney Lisa Devlin will share how to protect your business and customer interests with potential solutions when challenges arise before and during events.

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