Risk Management

Foiling Cyber-Spies on Business Trips

The New York Times

Intellectual property theft is not new, but it's becoming more widespread, experts say, thanks to tiny cameras and microphones or compromised Wi-Fi networks.

Industry-Shaping Events in London

PCMA played an active role at the Knowledge Exchange at the Business of Events Leadership Forum in UK’s capital this month.

TSA Misses 70% of Fake Weapons, But That’s an Improvement


Undercover investigators working for the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Inspector General managed to sneak fake guns, knives, and explosives through checkpoints 70 percent of the time earlier this year, spotlighting TSA's vulnerabilities.

How to Communicate With Your Attendees During a Crisis

From weather-related emergencies to terror attacks, event organizers must be ready to craft appropriate messaging when the unexpected occurs. A public-relations expert shares some of the most common mistakes to avoid in crisis communications.

Trade-Show Safety in the New Era of Security Concerns

As business-event professionals worry about an ever-changing landscape of security threats, the organizer of one of the biggest auto shows in the world shares how she manages the wellbeing of attendees.