Risk Management

Meeting Diplomacy

Planners are not skipping destinations that come with diplomatic issues.

Webinar: Music Licensing and Your Event: What You Need to Know

Understanding music licensing can be complicated and many meeting professionals don't know where to start. This webinar will cover your responsibility for licensing, whether hiring a DJ, band, production company or playing music off your phone.

Events During Turbulent Times

The International Tourism Security Summit in Jerusalem will offer unique insights into challenges that planners face.

Hotel Security Hasn’t Earned U.S. Backing


Stadiums and other facilities that draw crowds have strengthened their security since 9/11, and have earned U.S. protections in the event their efforts fail to prevent a terrorist attack and they are sued. But hotels have not received the same safeguards.

A Clever Tactic From the Van Halen Contract Playbook


These days, people are scanning more and reading less, so important details are getting missed more often. The rock band Van Halen used this contract-rider trick to make sure that didn't happen to them.