Live Q&A: Growing Digital Communities with Events

How do you build a stronger member community using in-person, hybrid, and virtual events? How often do your customers and partners want to engage with you? Join Eric Noël, Executive Vice President at Showcare and Professor of Marketing at HEC Montréal.

Live Q&A: Hybrid Event Nightmares

Hybrid events are complex and sometimes things can go wrong. Other times they can go horribly wrong! Learn about some of the worst-case scenarios from our veteran hybrid event experts. Use their war stories to better prepare yourself, and plan meaningful contingencies, should things go unexpectedly.

Live Q&A: Successful Hybrid Events Depend on These Key Roles

Successful hybrid events prioritize both the virtual and in-person attendee experience, rather than favoring one over another. This requires a unique set of skills that your in-person events team may not possess. Plus, your team can’t be in two places at the same time to manage live speakers, Q&A, sponsors, etc.

Live Q&A: Building World-Class Digital Communities

In 2022 events will drive the creation of rich digital communities for professionals everywhere. How do you attract an audience to your community? How do you engage them before, during, and after your events? What do successful communities have in common?

E-Book: 5 Greatest Myths About Virtual and Hybrid Events

Virtual and hybrid events have empowered millions of attendees to connect with event hosts, sponsors, and each other. This rapid adoption of technology has created new business models and opportunities for event professionals worldwide.

Webinar: Make Sure You Have a Plan B & C for Your Content Strategy

If there is one thing the pandemic has taught us it's no matter how prepared you think you are, life can always throw you a curve ball. When live events were no longer an option, many organizations had to figure out quickly how to communicate to their members, customers, and employees in new channels.