Webinar: Reimagine Virtual Event Storytelling through Extended Reality

Streamed live from AUX Immersive Studio, join this webinar to build a practical understanding on Extended Reality (xR) and unlock new ways to engage your audiences with virtual event storytelling. Hear real-life applications on how Extended Reality (xR) elements can be applied through a series of case study examples.

Women in Association: Leaders of Tomorrow

Join this PCMA session jointly organised with BEAM and powered by MBS, where women in associations reimagine what success, leadership and effective people will look like in the future. This 2-hour hybrid workshop seeks to open up communication channels with experienced and emerging leaders in Asia Pacific who can productively contribute to elevating the impacts of women in leadership and shine a light on the path forward.

Ask Me Anything with PCMA Leadership Sherrif Karamat and Kirsten Olean

Join us in this interactive “Ask-Me-Anything” virtual session and get honest answers straight from PCMA leaders Kirsten Olean and Sherrif Karamat. As the business events industry takes on an ever accelerating pace, leverage on their insights to give yourself a competitive edge in this rapidly evolving world.

Webinar: Crafting High Impact, Authentic Stories to Drive Connection

Join Haute Dokimazo’s Liz Lathan and Nicole Osibodu as we break the virtual barrier and collaborate on a story crafting workshop using the Innovator’s Compass! Liz and Nicole are the lead contributors to Seven Change Actions Module 5, Authenticity. And they sure walk their Authenticity talk. They will demonstrate how you can use a super-sticky storycrafting technique using an interactive Mural board.

Webinar: The Other 84%: Engaging New Event Audiences Who Are Eager to Invest

They had a taste of your online event in 2020 and loved it. Now is the time to build on that success and engage the Other 84% of your members who may never be able to travel and attend your annual conference. In this webinar, we’ll showcase smart strategies event organizers are deploying as they advance to a more vibrant and profitable hybrid meetings model. We’ll also explore event design considerations (both online & onsite) to help you grow your audience and revenues.


Meet-Up: Asia Pacific DES Alumni

Calling all Asia Pacific DES Alumni! Connect with your DES community at this informal networking event. Attendees will be placed in a virtual reception where they can move from "table" to "table" and meet with various groups. Participation is capped at 200 people.