Digital Events

Karin Weber on Online Education Programs

Karin Weber, associate professor and academic resource director at Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School of Hotel & Tourism Management, believes the use of online education programs has the potential to bring ‘minds from all corners of the globe together to solve pressing problems.’

Participatory, Por Favor

A global pharmaceutical company introduced a new product to hundreds of physicians in Spain in 18 locations at once using an engaging digital format.

Shameka Jennings on Member Engagement

Within a month of earning her DES certification in 2017, thanks to a scholarship provided by Meetings + Conventions Calgary, Shameka Jennings found a way to put her training to work.

The Business of Events: Digitizing Your Event Data

Live events are a data goldmine that offer boundless sets of information — sessions attended, time spent at product booths, session feedback, appointments. Are you taking advantage of the attendee data at your fingertips?

DEI Spotlight: Shawn Cheng

Today, digital and hybrid events might be on the periphery of Shawn Cheng's work as a project coordinator at MCI Group Canada, but he sees them coming into sharper focus going forward.

DEI Spotlight: Ronda Keys, DES

Ronda Keys pursued the DES certification to gain a skill set needed by her (then) employer. Today, as the owner of her own events-management firm, she is putting that knowledge to good use for her clients.