Q&A With Stuart Ruff-Lyon: Chair, 2020 PCMA Board of Directors

Stuart Ruff-Lyon: Chair, 2020 PCMA Board of Directors

Stuart Ruff-Lyon at the Incoming Board Chair Reception at Convening Leaders 2020. (Photo Courtesy Jacob Slaton Photography)

What are your goals for your upcoming role as chair?

My goals as the 2020 chair are to lead, serve, and listen. I will lead this organization on its continuing  path of growth and innovation. I want to serve the PCMA audience and the industry by helping to bring about transformation and innovation. And I plan to listen to and learn from members, my fellow board members, and the talented leaders who came before me.

How did you first get involved with PCMA at a global level?

I became involved with PCMA by serving on committees. That gave me the opportunity to give back and really engage with the organization. Additionally, I had the benefit of being a chapter volunteer and am a past-president of the New York Area Chapter of PCMA.

How has the events industry evolved during your time as a volunteer leader for the organization?

Technology has played a great role in evolving the industry, and it will continue to do so. Today’s business event strategists must begin to embrace things like artificial intelligence and robotics and understand how these tools can change their events and their work. The future is now.

What are the biggest opportunities and challenges ahead in 2020 and beyond?

The challenges the world faces, from climate change to a workforce in transition to barriers to diversity and inclusion, present opportunities for our industry. In a world where traditional solutions to problems are no longer working, we can bring people together to find new ways to go forward. When we meet, we solve problems.

How have business events been transformational in your life and career?

Business events are my passion. To work in an industry that brings people together to solve problems, learn, and change the world is truly remarkable.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

I want to encourage members to volunteer and get engaged with PCMA. I wouldn’t be where I am today in my career had it not been for my involvement in PCMA. I promise you that whatever you put into PCMA, you will get even more in return.

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