Adventures with MidJourney

Convene experimented with generative AI tools MidJourney and ChatGPT to come up with meeting spaces of the future. See what the collaboration created.

Author: Magdalina Atanassova       

business people seated in circle on what looks like an airplane

After a human prompt — “holding a business event in the air, inside a futuristic airplane” — MidJourney came up with this image.

When Convene tested the extent to which generative AI, such as MidJourney, can help business events professionals imagine the future of event spaces, it became apparent that a human must be the one to imagine them first to provoke collaboration.

Collaborative Creativity

For the purpose of this story in the July/August CMP Series, the idea was to visualize “holding a business event in the air, inside a futuristic airplane.” The trick with MidJourney is that the more detailed you are, the closer the result will be to what you had imagined. To save time writing a detailed prompt, ChatGPT came to the rescue. We taught ChatGPT a formula for creating prompts for MidJourney, and the rest was simply a matter of copy-pasting.

meeting room with a lot of greenery

This MidJourney image of the “hotel meeting space of the future” came after several prompts created by ChatGPT.

Guided Design

Part of our July/August cover and CMP Series. (Sergio Membrillas illustration)

For the image above, we attempted to imagine “the hotel meeting space of the future.” ChatGPT followed the formula we had taught it and generated the following:

  • Subject: The hotel meeting space of the future
  • Style/Technique: Harmonious and nature-inspired
  • Environment/Setting: A serene oasis amidst urban surroundings
  • Mood/Atmosphere: Tranquil and rejuvenating
  • Details/Modifiers: Biophilic design elements, sustainable materials, natural light integration
  • Camera: Emulate a wide-angle lens camera
  • Aperture: Balanced, capturing the depth and richness of the natural and
    architectural elements
  • Lighting Conditions: Abundant natural light and soft, diffused lighting fixtures
  • Composition Guidelines: Embrace the principles of the golden ratio and utilize organic lines and forms for a harmonious composition.
futuristic outdoor pavilion among trees with trellised wooden dome roof

MidJourney’s image of a “timber pavilion in nature, from the inside, arranged for large conferences with a futuristic touch.”

Tunnel Vision

You don’t need to provide MidJourney with the prompt details separated into different lines, as ChatGPT presented earlier. This is because large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT and MidJourney can comprehend text written in a regular format. We asked ChatGPT to rewrite its suggestion as a single paragraph. Here is the final prompt we submitted to MidJourney involving the creation of the concept of a “timber pavilion in nature, from the inside, arranged for large conferences with a futuristic touch,” generated by ChatGPT:

“Step into the mesmerizing world of a timber pavilion nestled amidst lush natural surroundings, from the inside, as it transforms into a futuristic setting for large conferences. Witness the fusion of organic and futuristic elements in its design, creating an inspiring and harmonious atmosphere. Encounter sustainable timber construction, cutting-edge audiovisual systems, and immersive augmented reality experiences. Emulate the perspective of a wide-angle lens camera, capturing the wide-open aperture that unveils the expansive interior and the captivating natural landscape beyond. Be enchanted by the soft, diffused natural light filtering through the timber structure, while embracing composition guidelines that celebrate the pavilion’s natural lines and forms, seamlessly blending with the surrounding nature.”

All that was left was to add the orientation (16:9) and required quality (8K) at the end of this prompt for the final image (above).

Magdalina Atanassova is digital media editor at Convene.

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