Learn How to Use AI Tools, Creativity Expert Says

Musician David Usher, founder of the artificial intelligence creative studio Reimagine AI, showed the PCMA EduCon 2023 audience how human creativity and AI can work together.

Author: Curt Wagner       

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David Usher tells PCMA EduCon 2023 attendees June 28 that creativity is the perfect tool to navigate through times of disruption. (Whatever Media Group)

Humans should embrace artificial intelligence as a co-pilot rather than fear it will replace them in the jobs, creativity expert David Usher told the closing session of PCMA EduCon on June 28 during his keynote, “Creativity in the Age of AI.”

Usher, an award-winning musician and author, knows a thing or two about both creativity and artificial intelligence. He founded the artificial intelligence creative studio Reimagine AI, where he helps organizations reboot their creativity in the current environment of disruptive technological change. During his presentation, Usher shared both his music and stories of how he has used AI, including to co-author what he said is the first AI-written song.

With his view that AI can help spark creativity, what better way to distill what Usher had to say to EduCon attendees than by feeding a transcript of his keynote into an AI language processing tool? Nick Tann, PCMA’s marketing director for digital content, did just that by loading the transcript of Usher’s presentation into Project SPARK, a generative AI tool developed by Gevme in collaboration with PCMA. Tann gave the tool prompts to pick out 10 quotes and the context around them, and also a prompt for five takeaways from the keynote.

You’ll find SPARK’s responses below — with some human editing.

10 Quotes and Their Context

“Creative thinking is really the perfect tool to navigate disruption.”
Context: Usher emphasizes the importance of creative thinking as a crucial tool to navigate through periods of disruption and change in various industries.

“Creativity is your last, best competitive advantage.”
Context: Usher highlights how creativity can be a powerful competitive advantage in a rapidly changing world where industries are being disrupted by technologies like artificial intelligence.

“The AI revolution is about augmenting and replacing the human mind, and this is happening fast.
Context: Usher discusses the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence and its potential to augment and replace human cognitive abilities, leading to significant changes in various industries.

“In this transformative new world we are all living in, creativity has within it the power to make change.”
Context: Usher emphasizes the transformative power of creativity in a world that is constantly evolving, stating that creative thinking has the ability to drive meaningful change.

“The age of transference is the transfer of human knowledge and physical ability at scale to machines and systems.”
Context: Usher introduces the concept of the age of transference, which refers to the transfer of human capabilities to machines and systems, highlighting the significant impact of technology in reshaping industries.

“The combining of things that we could do physically with things that previously only humans could do mentally is creating something new.”
Context: Usher explains how the combination of physical and mental capabilities in technology is leading to the creation of new possibilities and opportunities in various fields.

“The world is changing and we have to adapt and change with it. But the good news is, it only takes one step.”
Context: Usher encourages individuals and organizations to adapt to the changing world by embracing new technologies and ways of thinking.

“The reality is the perfect conditions for creativity do not exist. If you wait for them, you will wait forever. You just have to start down the path.”
Context: Usher highlights the importance of taking action and starting the creative process, emphasizing that waiting for ideal conditions will only hinder progress.

“To make your job safe, you need to learn how to use these tools. Think of it like a new suite of tools that you need to understand.”
Context: Usher emphasizes the importance of learning and understanding new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, as they become essential tools in various industries.

“Take your body on a new adventure, and your mind will be forced to follow.”
Context: Usher suggests that engaging in new experiences and stepping outside of one’s comfort zone can stimulate creativity and expand one’s mindset.

5 Takeaways

In responding to this query, SPARK called Usher “the speaker.” Here are the five takeaways SPARK picked from the transcript.

  • Creativity is a valuable tool in navigating disruptive change: The speaker emphasizes the importance of creativity in the face of technological advancements and disruptive change. Creative thinking allows individuals and organizations to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world.
  • The creative process is applicable across various industries: The speaker discusses how the creative process can be applied to different fields, including music, artificial intelligence, and innovation. The same creative thinking methodology can be used to generate ideas and solve problems in various verticals.
  • Embracing AI as a co-pilot: The speaker encourages individuals to embrace artificial intelligence as a co-pilot rather than fearing it as a replacement. AI tools can enhance efficiency and productivity, allowing individuals to work alongside AI to achieve better results.
  • The need for flexibility in thinking: The speaker emphasizes the importance of flexible thinking in the age of exponential change. Adopting curve-line thinking, which involves exploring new possibilities, taking risks, and embracing chaos, is crucial for creative problem-solving and adapting to new challenges.
  • Continuous learning and experimentation: To enhance creativity, individuals should invest time in continuous learning and experimentation. This includes exploring new technologies, studying creativity, and actively engaging in creative activities. The speaker suggests using physicality as a starting point for sparking creativity, such as trying new experiences and stepping outside of comfort zones.

Watch the Session

PCMA EduCon 2023 attendees can view a recording of this session and others on the EduCon Swapcard Platform until Aug. 28.

Curt Wagner is digital editor at Convene.

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