Julia Bicher ‘Being in the Centre of the Action’


Just last month, Julia Bicher was appointed CEO of Congrex Switzerland, after working for more than a decade at the association/conference/destination management company, most recently as director of operations. Here is what is on her mind as she assumes her new role heading up the company.

I’m sure many in the events and hospitality industry would recognise my childhood dream: to work in one of the luxurious, grand hotels I admired so much. I fulfilled my dream by working in leading hotels in Paris and Basel in Switzerland and now, 13 years after joining in the reception department, I have become CEO of Congrex Switzerland.”

I am very fortunate to take over a company after a very successful 2017, in which several important multi-year contracts with new clients have been signed and various long-term collaborations could be extended until 2023. My main focus in the next three months is to clearly redefine the company strategy for the short and mid-term.

While controlled business growth in the long-term is important, our staff will be a primary focus. We strongly believe that “leadership is not being on top of people, but being in the centre of the action” (quote from Peter Drucker). As a mother and CEO, my personal long-term goals are to achieve a healthy work-life balance, and to encourage female workers to strive for top-level careers in meetings and events. Even though the majority of event planners are female, the senior-management levels still tend to be filled by men. I plan to act as a role model to women in our industry.

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