Japanese Culture Inspires Teamwork-Teambuilding in Japan

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A successful meeting is not only about the business that gets done, but intangibles like networking and bonding. Solidify relationships with team building activities during your event. Japan offers opportunities to experience culture and unify your group.

TOEI Kyoto Studio Park

Enter the world of the samurai and ninja at the theme park where Japan’s samurai movies and period television shows are filmed. Wow your meeting guests with a theme party. They’ll also learn about ninja and traditional Japanese performing arts. They’ll be Instagram moments. Guests can wear the outfits used in period dramas and pose amid the backdrop of film sets. The daring can test their skills with Samurai-style sword fighting techniques.

Save the Kingdom Treasure Hunt, Okinawa

This treasure hunting game takes place in the Ryukyu Kingdom at the beginning of the 17th century. Participants in teams of 4-10 members take on the role of Ryukyu citizens ordered by the king to save the country. They work together to solve difficult riddles. In the first barrier, which determines how the game will progress, participants face a variety of challenges in the Murasaki Mura theme park modeled after an old Okinawan village, and gain souvenirs which they create. Players answer riddles to solve the mystery and find the treasure. The 2-hour game highlights the history and culture of Okinawa. This program can improve communication pathways in the organization and strengthen teamwork. The game is suitable for up to 400 people.

Mount Koya Mindfulness Adventure

Koyasan (Mount Koya) was founded 1,200 years ago as a place for Buddhist meditation. Here your group can experience meditation and enjoy Shojin Ryori (Buddhist-developed vegetarian cuisine). Keep the Zen going with “Forest therapy” in the dense forest.

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