Why Event Professionals Would Kick Attendees Out of Their Meetings

Author: David McMillin       

Remember getting kicked out of class in middle school? Whether you were talking, sleeping, or creating some kind of mischief, the teacher delivered the dreaded invitation to head to the hallway. Those days of trouble may be behind you, but there are still plenty of grown-ups who stir up issues. That inspired David Spark, tech journalist and founder of Spark Media Solutions, to think about a new question: What would get a professional adult kicked out of a conference or convention?

When Spark attended Convening Leaders in January at the Austin Convention Center, he asked members of the PCMA community what he would need to do as an attendee in order to get removed from their events. Their responses should give you a chuckle — and maybe get you thinking about behaviors your organization will and will not tolerate. Check out the video below, and go to Catalyst to let us know whether you’ve had to remove any of your attendees from your events. What did they do? What was your response? Did they receive a refund? And while many of the responses in Spark’s video are hilarious, it does raise a good question: Does the fine print in your registration agreement include a disclosure for prohibited behavior?


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