Diversity Fuels Innovation in Toronto

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Meeting in a place that welcomes and celebrates different perspectives can inspire bold new ideas for your organization. As North America’s fourth most populous city, Toronto is also one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, making it the ideal place to collaborate, experiment and create. This inclusive spirit can be felt as soon as your attendees arrive, from the welcoming atmosphere at the hotel and meeting venue, to the city’s thriving arts scene and eclectic array of restaurants and attractions. Here are some ways to set the tone for inspiration and collaboration when meeting in Toronto.

Diversity in Thought

Bringing together people from various backgrounds is a given when hosting events of almost every size. But simply having these different points of view present doesn’t inherently generate new ideas—that comes only after you embrace and elevate the different voices. In Toronto, this embracing of different cultures and ideas is readily evident and can easily rub off on your own event. One way to do this: Invite your attendees to explore the kaleidoscope of restaurants found throughout the city. They’ll soon see that no matter how varied the cuisine—from South Indian fare to Northern Portuguese seafood to Jamaican jerk chicken—the chefs of this city celebrate both their individual heritage as well as a highly collaborative community spirit, which often results in brand-new (and delicious) ideas. And that creativity has paid off. Toronto’s culinary scene is now being recognized on a global scale, with the city becoming the first destination in Canada to receive a MICHELIN Guide, starting in fall 2022.

Diversity in Action

Toronto is home to numerous big-ticket events, cultural attractions, vibrant nightlife and major pro sports, as well as being a hub for Canada’s leading business sectors including technology, life sciences and financial services. It’s a truly global gathering place, with more than 50% of Toronto residents being foreign-born. Combine that with the unique perspectives of each attendee, and you don’t just have a recipe for new ideas, you have the connectivity to set them into motion. It’s a unique alchemy that you won’t find anywhere else. The community of meeting and event professionals is also incredibly connected, and coupled with Toronto’s authentic service culture, you’ll have a distinct advantage for hosting both domestic and international events.

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