DEI Tech Spotlight: Hearing Each Attendee’s Voice

Author: David McMillin

Evenium’s ConnexMe is meant to be more than a mobile app. It’s built to give every attendee a chance to be heard.

Partnership disclosure: Evenium participated in the Tech Spotlights series at PCMA’s Convening Leaders 2018, a paid sponsorship opportunity. With headquarters in California and France, the company has worked with a wide range of event partners in the U.S. and Europe, including AccorHotels and The Club of IT Marketing and Communications.

Mobile apps should do more than replace printed programs and give attendees easily accessible post-session surveys. Sure, those are no-brainer benefits of an in-your-pocket tool for navigating an on-site environment, but event organizers are also leveraging mobile apps to enhance the educational power of an experience. One of the companies aiming to deliver a mobile app that does more is Evenium with its ConnexMe mobile platform.

DEI Tech Spotlight Evenium

“ConnexMe helps clients create highly interactive events, where attendees are actively involved in the presentation or discussion,” Ben Leikach, vice president, strategic alliances, Evenium, told PCMA. “Using ConnexMe, speakers engage attendees so they contribute more, easily collaborate with others, and learn faster to raise the collective intelligence of the group and achieve desired business results.”


ConnexMe utilizes second-screen technology to let attendees interact directly with content, annotate presentations, and vote in audience polls. “Attendees become part of the energy,” Leikach said. “It’s the difference between attending an in-person event like a concert versus simply watching a recording of the same event.”

An Unforgettable Closing Note

While ConnexMe makes a difference throughout the entire event, Vincent Hellet, president of IRIS Production Groupe and an Evenium client, has noticed that the app plays a major role at a pivotal point: the moment just before attendees go home.

“When we want to finish a seminar, the conclusion is always complicated,” Hellet said. “Most of the time, the key messages are summed up. It’s often heavy and repetitive. With ConnexMe, the final remarks can be livened up. We can show all the event’s exchanges and even ask attendees to compose the final words together. It’s easy, we just ask them a question such as ‘In one word, how do you see the company in five years’ time?’ and we display the results on screen in the form of a word cloud. We are showing guests that we are writing the story together, and that gives the messages much more impact.”

Interested in learning more about how Evenium is elevating ConnexMe with a new series of features? Click here to check out the company’s most recent round of updates designed to increase participation rates at events.

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