7 Change Actions Webinar: Designing Experiences that Truly Connect and Engage

Engagement opportunities at events, meetings and other experiences are often implemented near the bottom of a lengthy event checklist of logistics, programmatic content, sponsorship opportunities and more. We as people are craving connection and real, meaningful engagement that inspires, motivates and validates.

PCMA EMEA Meet-Up June

PCMA EMEA Meet-Up: June

A monthly virtual gathering for the PCMA EMEA community to share regional updates and make business connections. This event is open to the entire EMEA business events community.

Webinar: Pronouns Are Evolving: Here’s What You Need to Know

Webinar: Pronouns Are Evolving: Here’s What You Need to Know

My name is Ed and I use he/him pronouns. (Wait, what!?!?) Don’t worry. This is just a way we can do our jobs better and treat people with more respect. We’ll help you navigate your way through this new and evolving world of expanding pronouns that is more than just being ‘grammatically or politically correct’.

Scotland - Get to Know Webinar

Webinar: The Journey to Change Starts in Scotland

Many journeys begin in Scotland, inspired by our pioneering spirit, our commitment to equality and our constant strive for better. We believe that business events are crucial in driving social transformation. No matter what challenges we face, if we face them together, we can create a better tomorrow.

Webinar: Membership Orientation 2021

This will be an interactive session led by the membership chairs of our 17 North American Regional Chapters. New and prospective members will hear an overview of benefits, hear testimonials for their peers, and participate in breakouts for how to best utilize their membership.

Ask Me Anything with PCMA Leadership Sherrif Karamat and Kirsten Olean

Join us in this interactive “Ask-Me-Anything” virtual session and get honest answers straight from PCMA leaders Kirsten Olean and Sherrif Karamat. As the business events industry takes on an ever accelerating pace, leverage on their insights to give yourself a competitive edge in this rapidly evolving world.