I Never Thought Of That

No matter how exceptional the food, breathtaking the performance or inspirational the keynote, it can still be a challenge to make your event a real experience. The workshop aims to explore and look at the event from an experiential perspective. The session will be interactive and case based.

Going Beyond The Event Brief

Everyday, event marketers face the challenge of responding to various event briefs, giving each one a new twist to satisfy the requirements of the clients. However, how much dances, songs, projection mappings, and fireworks can we give to create a so-called “big bang” for our clients? And is this what they really need to create a lasting impression of their brand?

China Destination Management Innovation

Sharing the evolution of China DMCs from the past to the present, the workshop will lead the conversation towards the future of destination services in terms of innovation on meetings & event technology, expectations and market trends. The session will share what meeting planners and delegates coming to China should expect especially when they are not familiar with the destination.

Enhancing Brand Experience: Using Virtual & Augmented Reality

Iconic brands have seen tremendous success using AR and VR at events to connect and activate their target audiences. Lars Bratsberg, industry leader at Google, will share the immersive power of this digital technology and how to best integrate it into your event.

Future Focused – What’s To Come

The industry is rapidly changing. Hear bold predictions from ICESAP PCMA leadership of what is to come and gain insights on where the industry is going.

Environmental Sustainability – What’s New, What’s Next?

Business events produce an incredible amount of waste that could be mitigated with simple steps. Hear from key stakeholders in the industry on how your events can be more enviromentally friendly and where the sustainbility movement is going.

Data Privacy and Protection

The new GDPR data regulations will be enacted in May 2018 to protect from privacy and data breaches. Any organisation that holds data of European customer are subject to these regulations. Learn what you should do and how your organisation can be compliant. Hear tips from data intelligence and risk management professionals on how to ensure your participant data is protected so you're not tomorrow's headline.

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