Going Beyond The Event Brief


Everyday, event marketers face the challenge of responding to various event briefs, giving each one a new twist to satisfy the requirements of the clients. However, how much dances, songs, projection mappings, and fireworks can we give to create a so-called “big bang” for our clients? And is this what they really need to create a lasting impression of their brand?

In this session, we shall attempt to deconstruct a brief and get into the mind of the brand, find what it needs, what it wants, instead of limiting ourselves to satisfy the owners of the brand. No, we are not going to be introducing another marketing technique as we already have too much of these. Instead, we shall use one specific successful case to demonstrate how much more event marketers can bring life to a brand by tearing apart the client brief, and using existing marketing tools to achieve a maximum effect.

Jun Gonzales, Vice President and Managing Director, George P. Johnson


  • Duration: 00:47:16
  • Date: 09/08/2017

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