CL18 Tech Spots – Gleanin

Gleanin is an events-focused referral marketing platform for facilitating trustworthy connections that grow attendance and advocacy. Gleanin allows event organizers to put powerful marketing tools in the hands of registrants and exhibitors for event promotion, referral, amplification, incentives and engagement.

CL18 Tech Spots – FuelBox

The Ultimate Charging Solution is the perfect combination of a docking station (The Dock) and a mobile battery pack (The boostPack™) with a built-in 6,700 mAh battery and over 25 extra hours of power.

CL18 Tech Spots – Conferences i/o

Conferences i/o is an award-winning Audience Response System designed to empower audiences and give presenters actionable, real-time insight. Attendees use their own device to ask/up-vote questions, speakers can embed polls into PPT/Keynote and project results, and organizers can collect feedback. All in real-time, nothing to download.

CL18 Tech Spots – Digitell

With 30+ years’ experience and over 100 existing association clients, our team of experts knows how to deliver success. Digitell turns your content into revenues through our several successful revenue-generating programs.