COVID-19 Recovery Dashboards

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve, PCMA and Convene will be surveying business event professionals — planners and suppliers — to understand our community’s short- and long-term business expectations.

Survey Shows That Business Events Professionals Are Less Anxious

The latest COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard Survey results are a mixed bag — events industry professionals say they are feeling less anxiety, but more report feeling burned out. Nonetheless, they’re hanging in there and setting their sights on more in-person and hybrid events in the first half of 2022.

BY Michelle Russell September 30, 2021

Delta Variant Creates More Angst for Events Industry

More than 600 planners and suppliers who participated in PCMA Convene’s latest COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard survey shared how the Delta variant has changed their perspective on the industry’s recovery and their plans for upcoming events.

BY Michelle Russell August 23, 2021

Planners and Suppliers Focus Reskilling Efforts on New Business Models

In the latest Business Events Recovery Dashboard, planners and suppliers are divided on whether the recent CDC guidance on vaccinated people going mask-free will result in higher attendance at in-person events. But they are both focusing their efforts on creating new business models that work in the current events environment.

BY Michelle Russell June 23, 2021

How the CDC’s New Guidance on Mask Wearing Is Impacting Events Professionals

In the latest COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard, planners and suppliers were divided about whether the new guidance for fully vaccinated individuals will translate into greater attendance at in-person events. But the majority of planners agreed that it wasn’t making planning those events any easier.

BY Michelle Russell May 26, 2021

PCMA APAC Survey Results: Business Events Recovery to Start Locally

Nearly one-third of business events professionals doing business in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia said that they are unable to estimate in-person registration numbers for an event this year until they get closer to its planned date — and more than one-third are making the go/no-go decision on an in-person event in 2021 within two months of the event date.

BY Michelle Russell May 24, 2021

Events Professionals Weigh Conflicting Recovery Realities

Convene’s latest COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard survey results demonstrate how suppliers and planners continue to factor all kinds of challenges into their plans for 2021 digital, in-person, and hybrid events.

BY Michelle Russell April 28, 2021

What Does the Pent-up Demand for Leisure Travel Mean for Events?

The latest COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard shows that the majority of planners and suppliers are planning a return to in-person events set for between July and September — while simultaneously preparing for a range of potential scenarios.

BY Michelle Russell March 31, 2021

Getting Closer to Face-to-Face

The latest COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard shows that planners are focusing more of their efforts on the return to in-person events.

BY Michelle Russell March 3, 2021

Hybrid Is the Way Forward, But Double the Work and Expense

Frustration over hitches in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout has tempered optimism for recovery, latest Dashboard survey results show, and struggles over revenues and the costs associated with hybrid events seem more pronounced in our January survey. Still, nearly half of planners and suppliers said they remain hopeful.

BY Michelle Russell February 3, 2021

Vaccines Give Events Industry a Shot in the Arm

Just as the COVID-19 vaccines began rolling out, we asked December Recovery Dashboard survey respondents, both planners and suppliers, if they’re feeling more hopeful — and if the news has changed their plans for the coming year.

BY Michelle Russell December 21, 2020

Current Events Bring Guarded Optimism for Industry Recovery

Business events professionals and their suppliers responding to the November Recovery Dashboard survey indicated they were both more and less hopeful about the future — depending on which question they were answering.

BY Michelle Russell November 23, 2020

Business Events Recovery Will Be ‘a Marathon, Not a Sprint’

For the latest COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard survey, we asked planners and suppliers: ‘What best describes how you’re feeling right now?’ Most said they were doing their best to get by and were anxious about the future. Even so, responses to other questions demonstrate the industry’s collective resiliency and creativity.

BY Michelle Russell October 28, 2020