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Looking for ways to do your job better — or for the latest trends in the world of work? Here’s a roundup of career-related stories selected by the editors of Convene.

Workplace “Aporia”— How to Handle Unresolvable Arguments

Sometimes, you will witness or be part of a debate where there is no resolution. Both parties will reach an uncrossable divide, a point known as “aporia” in ancient Greek. Big Think looks at three manifestations of aporia and considers how we can resolve them.

Are You Catastrophizing? Here’s How to Stop Assuming the Worst.

Climbing out of the spiral that is catastrophic thinking, a common thought pattern where you assume the worst possible scenario, requires both in-the-moment grounding techniques and big-picture reframing. Focusing on the reality of a situation — and not the story you’re telling yourself — can help blunt the anxiety of catastrophizing, experts say. Vox offers nine tactics.

Why Your Responsibilities and Expectations at Work Really Are Getting Less Clear

If you’re not sure exactly what’s expected of you at work, you’re not alone, says WorkLife. Fewer workers today than even a couple years ago are able to say their roles and responsibilities on the job are clear, according to a recent report from Gallup based on survey responses from about 20,000 U.S. workers.

Why We Procrastinate — and How to Stop

We have a natural tendency to distract ourselves from important or difficult tasks. So, how, asks Fast Company, can we recognize our triggers and overcome procrastination?

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