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Looking for ways to do your job better — or for the latest trends in the world of work? Here’s a roundup of career-related stories selected by the editors of Convene.

3 Things You Must Do as a First-Time Manager to Be a Great Leader

The CEO and cofounder of professional development company Beyond Barriers says becoming a great manager involves developing new mindsets and expanding your skillset — like knowing the difference between doing things well and getting things done well. Fast Company has the story. (Image generated using AI.)

How to Take Better Breaks at Work, According to Research

Taking periodic work breaks throughout the day can boost well-being and performance, but far too few of us take them regularly — or take the most effective types. A systematic review of more than 80 studies on break-taking by Harvard Business Review outlines some best practices for making the most of time away from our tasks, like when it’s best to take micro-breaks and when you’ll benefit most from longer breaks.

8 ChatGPT Prompts to Write Better Emails

Regardless of how many emails you send in a day, one thing is for sure: They should be clear. As succinct as possible, direct without being curt, and compassionately written to save the other person time. Forbes shares eight ChatGPT prompts to write better emails, including memorable greetings and sign-offs.

Use ‘Deep Work’ to Be More Productive

When you have a big project to do, you should be totally focused — but that’s easier said than done. Whether a lack of personal interest is keeping you from committing or distractions are coming from someone or something else, it can be hard to get in the zone one productivity theory calls “deep work.” Lifehacker has some tips.

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