Defining the Best Innovations and Activations in Business Events

As hoteliers embrace new design techniques, destinations deliver new types of education, and event organizers aim for the next level of creativity, members of the meetings industry are constantly setting a new standard for success. The surge in creativity creates a tough-to-answer question: What does “best” mean in today’s business events industry?

Is it a meeting space that features intimate rooms designed like igloos and bird nests like Singapore’s Huone? Is it a major brand like Hilton aiming to rethink its internal drive for innovation? Or does being the best involve an understanding of integrating AR, VR, and all the other acronyms that are poised to reshape face-to-face experiences?

Maybe it’s all of the above. As the meetings industry looks forward to the future, Convene wants to identify the places, spaces, and initiatives that deserve to be ranked at the top. The editorial team is currently collecting submissions for the 2018 Best in Show Awards, and we want to hear from you. Click here to make your selections in any of this year’s 10 categories. Tell us about the off-site venue that transformed your last conference, the social-media campaign that made you stop scrolling and start engaging, and the technology that’s making the biggest impact. Vote your partners, your colleagues, and yes, even for yourself.

Submissions close at midnight on June 20. In addition to potentially selecting a winner that will be featured in the magazine’s August issue, you could win something else just for participating: a $100 Amazon gift card.