Fueled by the Foundation: Finishing a First Citywide

Author: David McMillin       

Get to know one of the members of the 2018 Class of 20 in Their Twenties. She’s a rising star in the events industry who knew she had chosen the right career when she successfully completed her first citywide program.

Caitlin Hume

The rising stars who receive PCMA’s 20 in Their Twenties honors are the game-changers and difference-makers who will shape the next generation of attendee engagement. As the PCMA Education Foundation aims to accelerate the trajectories of the most promising minds in the business events industry, PCMA’s editorial team caught up with one of the members of the 2018 class. Get to know Caitlin Hume, business events manager, Risk and Insurance Management Society Inc. (RIMS) in New York City.

What do you like most about your job?
My favorite part of my job is the amazing people I get to interact with and meet on a daily basis. Every new hotel, new city, and new meeting I have planned has connected me with even more talented hoteliers, excellent hospitality professionals, and intelligent, driven, and passionate members across all industries. It is such a gift to learn from my attendees, whether it is the risk professionals we work with now or the medical, government, technology, and public-health professionals I have planned for in the past. I leave each meeting in awe of what my members do! As planners, we are very lucky to have exposure to the best of the best in each industry, and to walk away from each meeting knowing you helped move an industry forward.

What’s the best day you’ve had in the meetings industry so far?
Although there are many great moments, the best day was finishing my very first citywide. I will never forget that feeling of pride and personal accomplishment. My former manager took a big chance on trusting me with an important client, and, with the guidance of some amazing mentors, I was able to deliver and execute a big, complicated program to my client’s satisfaction. Watching the attendees leave the last session with big smiles and so much enthusiasm for what they learned, and hearing my client’s message of thanks, still gives me goose bumps. There is truly no better feeling than “wow, I actually did this!” It was the day I fell in love with the industry and realized I had found my calling.

Where would you like your career to go?
Who knows where my path will take me! Isn’t that part of the excitement? This industry has so many amazing, diverse opportunities. There are chances to work all over the world and with all sorts of professions. Wherever it is I might land, I hope I continue to get opportunities to showcase my expertise and deliver awesome events for my clients and their attendees.

Deadline Approaching for Applications for the 2019 Class

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