Question of the Day: Are You Wrestling Over Your Event Format?

Convening Leaders attendees share how they’re thinking their 2022 events will take shape, and what they’re taking home from the event.

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CL22 crowd

Convening Leaders 2022 attendees gather for Tuesday’s general session. We asked some to tell us what their biggest takeaway from the event is. (Jacob Slaton Photography)

Each day at CL22, we’ll be asking a handful of participants to respond to a question to get a better sense of what’s on attendees’ minds as they meet in person this week. On Tuesday, we asked two questions, “Are you still wrestling over the format (physical/virtual/hybrid) for your 2022 events?” and “What is a key takeaway from Convening Leaders 2022?

Are you still wrestling over the format (physical/virtual/hybrid) for your 2022 events?

We are planning to have our event in person with on-demand virtually after the fact. If things get bad — way worse than they are now — we may regroup and re-evaluate. However, even if we do not present the full-on meeting in person, we will still have some part of it in person because face to face is so important.”

Ada Phillips, CMP, American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Ada Phillips, CMP, American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

We have over 200 meetings a year. We will stay the course and continue to provide a mix of physical and virtual. But our primary goal is to ‘bring all meetings back.’”

Julianne Touhy, American Bar Association

We actually work with clients in putting on their events. We produced 36 events in 12 months last year. Looking forward, I believe every event will be both physical and virtual.”

Lisa Schulteis, Electraline Marketing

We are going full-steam ahead live and in person. We have expanded our business model to include virtual.”

Shawna Luetkenhaus, Solution Tree

What is a key takeaway from Convening Leaders 2022?

Actually, the best and most inspiring part of Convening Leaders has been meeting younger planners. They are so welcoming and eager to learn from me. I am a chapter director of volunteers, so I encouraged them to get involved.”

Lori Hedrick, CMP, CMM, CSEP, Burroughs Wellcome Fund

I am really interested in force majeure. I didn’t actually go to the session, but this morning we had an impromptu networking meeting and discussed everyone’s ideas about it. That is the best part of Convening Leaders: The impromptu networking on ideas is the best.”

Suzie Masse, The Navigators

I just went to a very good session on making events more accessible for all attendees. I am very interested in what can be done for meetings in the spirit of inclusion and diversity.”

Skye Richardson, student at Georgia State University

This is from the session right before lunch today with Wanijuka ‘Wawa’ Gatheru: We can all do something to make the world a better place.”

Malene Ward, CMP, CEM, DES, Phoenix Planning Group, LLC

Very inspired about the next generation and doing everything we can to make it better for the younger planners. Looking forward to events in which we use all five senses rather than two dimensions of only on-screen meetings. Face to face is so essential for business and learning.”

Sandy Yi-Davis, CMP, DES, MBA, Strategic Meeting International

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