4 Ways to Avoid Summer Slump

Author: Angela Campiere       

Summer and its temptations can freeze productivity. In fact, a Captivate Network study found that workplace productivity drops 20 percent during summer months. The same study also found that 19 percent of workers reported a dip in office attendance, 13 percent said project turnaround times increase, and 45 percent of workers are generally more distracted during the summer.

For those unable to take three months off, here are tips to help ensure a productive summer:

1) Plan Time for Play

Whether it’s a full week in the Bahamas, a few days by a lake, or just an afternoon at the ballpark, plan time away from the office to recharge. Making use of vacation hours lets you relax and enjoy the sunshine and gives you something to look forward to in the weeks leading up to your break. Huddle with your boss and team before your time off to ensure your vacation doesn’t turn into an unintended “workcation.”

2) Enjoy the Morning

An earlier sunrise signals the end of months-long hibernations, especially if you live somewhere that sees snow in April. Make the most of summer’s longer daylight hours by getting out and enjoying some sunshine before work. Take a walk, squeeze in a run, or sip your morning coffee on the front porch. Research shows that getting sunlight first thing in the morning will improve your productivity and even help you sleep better at night.

3) Schedule Screen-Free Time

We are constantly looking at screens and all that screen-time tends to limit productivity and creative output. Schedule a few screen-free hours per week to give your eyes a rest and boost your creative juices.

4) Try a Walking Meeting

Walking meetings give your body a break from sitting during the workday. So, take your next conference call in a nearby park or schedule a walking meeting around the block. Getting out and getting moving can be helpful for brainstorming sessions — a Stanford study found that 81 percent of walking meeting participants come up with more ideas than their sitting counterparts. A pro tip before you take your meeting outside: Map out your path to avoid construction. It helps if you’re actually able to hear the discussion.

Looking for even more of a summertime boost? Click here for tips on leveraging limitations to make yourself more creative.

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