The RSA Conference: Big and Getting Bigger

Author: Corin Hirsch       


Event Details

Feb. 13–17, 2017
Moscone Center
San Francisco


Network and computer company RSA began holding an annual information-security and cryptography event in 1991. Twenty-six years later, the RSA Conference has grown to include a series of events around the globe. The annual flagship RSA Conference is still held each winter at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. 


What began as “a handful of cryptographers in a room looking to solve a specific problem,” said Julie Frey, PR partner for the RSA Conference, has grown into a gathering of more than 40,000 tech-savvy attendees—so innovation is constant and necessary. “Every year, the conference team reviews feedback they’ve received from attendees to make changes that can have a real impact on their experiences.” Organizers are always exploring new digital media and alternative avenues of information delivery “with deep regional roots.” The RSA Conference in Abu Dhabi this past November, for example, included a live simulation of a “cyber crisis” during which attendee teams responded to shifting circumstances.


In 2017, the conference will expand its footprint beyond the Moscone Center to include the San Francisco Marriott Marquis, where attendees can explore a newly minted Early Stage Expo, a place to meet with emerging security and privacy startups, and “sandboxes”—demos and interactive experiences that test attendees’ security knowledge. And this year,  at the opening-night RSAC Bash, delegates can choose between four different parties catering to their specific tastes.



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