Sustainability on the Menu at AIME

Not only were the food items served at an AIME Hosted Buyer Breakfast sustainable, its focus was on giving ‘back more than we take away.’

helping homeless

How One Event Professional is Helping the Homeless

Windy Christner, CMP, senior director of meetings and expositions for American Pharmacists Association, is urging the industry to lean into — rather than try to plan around — the problem of homelessness in cities.

How EDUCAUSE Made Inclusion a Priority

With simple, handwritten notes of encouragement, an AI translation program, and an indoor park, EDUCAUSE put the spotlight on inclusion at its annual conference. Here’s the inside story.

Newell Brands

Conference Attendees Mentor Budding Entrepreneurs

In the weeks leading up to a children’s business fair, marketing professionals at Newell Brands summit helped youngsters develop a business strategy and learn important life skills.