Sustainability in Business Events Industry

Sustainability has been a topic in the business events industry for decades, however past efforts have been slow and varied industry-wide. Today, more organisations are aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), pursuing circular economy models for their businesses and products, and taking greater action toward net-zero carbon emissions. Yet the deadline of 2030 to take climate action and have even a reasonable chance of limiting global heating to 1.5°C is nearing and time is running out. Now, with the devastation caused to the industry due to Covid-19, there is greater business and consumer awareness of sustainability and urgency for the business events industry to act is further heightened. 

PCMA Foundation, in partnership with Singapore Tourism Board, initiated research on The Time is Now – Sustainability in Business Events Industry to illustrate the next-level actions the business event industry must take collectively to scale progress.

Learn more about this research and the tools developed to support event organisers on their journey of starting and scaling sustainability planning in events. 

  • Situation Analysis – summary of research findings 
  • The Sustainable Event Starting Line – five essential steps to kickstart your sustainable event journey 
  • Event Planning Map – tips on integrating sustainability throughout your event’s lifecycle 
  • RFP and Contract Language Resource – plug and play language event organisers can use when selecting and contracting suppliers 

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