Social Tables Pocket Planner Takes Care of the Math And Frees You Up To Think Creatively

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A key quality of a business-event professional is the ability to parse  decisions that can be made on the spot versus those that need creative resolutions. An app that enables me to minimize processing power for those on-the-spot calculations for my clients is the Social Tables Pocket Planner app.

Social Tables Pocket Planner is a free calculator app that uses Convention Industry Council standards to recommend food, beverage, service, and safety quantities for events based on attendance. I find Social Tables Pocket Planner most useful when I am tasked with designing first-time programs or out-of-the-box client experiences. From mapping out space in a new venue to curating tasting events that require menu and service design based on projected attendance, Social Tables Pocket Planner takes care of the math, so I can focus on enhancing guest experiences.

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Bianca Ferrer, Creative Director and Producer, Coterie Spark


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