Québec City: Perks for Planners and Attendees

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Discover the building blocks of an exceptional gathering in this historic Canadian city.

In Québec’s capital city, world-class venues and amenities are a given. But we all know that the bigger the event, the more critical it becomes that all those little details about your host city add up. And that’s where Québec City really shines. Not only is it a fantastic place to do business, it’s also a place that people genuinely want to visit. So much so that Travel + Leisure readers have rated Québec City as the best destination in Canada four years in a row. Here are three things you can happily expect when you bring your event to this unique destination.

Safe and Walkable

Québec City has been ranked the third safest city in the entire world by CEOWORLD Magazine, making it well-suited to handle high-security events such as the Summit of the Americas and major international festivals and sporting events. It’s also very pedestrian friendly—attendees can explore downtown and the charming neighborhoods that surround it worry free, or set out to see the city’s numerous parks and green spaces during a pre- or post-meeting jog.

Surprisingly Affordable

Those coming to Canada from the United States or Europe will find that the exchange rate works well in their favor, making Québec City an ideal conference destination. Affordable accommodations, transportation, and food and drink leave extra room in your budget to plan for more exciting team-building activities and enriching conference experiences. Québec City’s affordability also increases the city’s bleisure travel appeal, a trademark that’s likely to entice more prospective attendees to register for your event.

European Charm

It’s been said that a trip to Québec City evokes a similar feeling as a trip to a French city. The opportunity to give your attendees a unique, European-style urban experience with an American twist—in addition to access to Québec’s picturesque great outdoors—is something that you won’t find anywhere else. Start with a stroll through the Historic District of Old Quebec, an UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with cobblestone streets, architectural treasures and stunning views of the St. Lawrence River, and your attendees won’t be able to resist the charm of this beautiful and storied destination.

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