Insights & Strategies for the Next Normal

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The insights and strategies in the inaugural PCMA Foundation funded Business Events Compass report and subscription service will help your business, community or career prepare now for the business events industry’s next normal.

Compass is born from the voices of thousands of PCMA members, DMO leaders, business event participants, brands and industry stakeholders from all over the world. This fact assures the journey to our next normal is one created for the audiences we serve by an industry we call our own.

Compass is PCMA’s business events industry global recovery plan and is the starting point on PCMA’s Recovery Discovery journey. And subscribers to the service will receive bi-monthly updates with new data insights for the balance of 2020 as we continue to navigate the continued uncertainty.

Never has the need for economic and social transformation been as great as it is now. A lot of people in the organizations and communities we serve have been hurt as a result of the pandemic. This is our time to step up for all of them and for those who will follow us.

And PCMA will be with you every step of the way.


Deep dive action strategies with bi-monthly updates

$895 for non-members

The full Compass report is a comprehensive roadmap outlining specific steps you can take now to help your business, community or career thrive as business events recover including:

  • Which economic sectors will see their business events recover first?
  • What are business event participants saying will get them back to traveling to business events?
  • What services should businesses be considering to provide a higher value proposition to their business event clients?
  • What reskilling options should business event professionals be considering to enhance their careers?


High-level guidance for moving forward

$49 for non-members

What’s in the Compass Executive Summary:

  • Three likely economic recovery scenarios and the implications for business events
  • Summary of updated global business event gathering protocols
  • What business event types will recover first and where
  • What you should be considering for the future of your events, your business and your career

We provide a customized, deep-dive workshop to translate insights into actionable strategies for your organization. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.


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Research provided through an investment by the PCMA Foundation.

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Compass is an insight and strategy service that will help guide the businesses, communities and careers of business events stakeholders all over the world to be better prepared to thrive during the pandemic and beyond. Compass was born from the voices of thousands of PCMA members, DMO leaders, business event participants, brands and industry stakeholders from all over the world.

This inaugural PCMA Foundation-funded Compass report provides explicit research-based insights on geographic and industry sector business events recovery opportunities as well as recommendations for the evolution of participant engagement, business models and expected reskilling needs.

Business events strategists and their supplier business partners as well as brand and community leaders who depend on business events and need trustworthy data-driven insights to help them navigate the coming months and years for our industry. This report will also be invaluable to DMO’s, Tourist Authorities, and others interested in economic recovery for their region and communities.

Some examples of what is included in the report:

  • Expected macroeconomic recovery scenarios and business event industry implications
  • Insights from surveys of global business event participants
  • Projecting revenue and meeting type demand by region and economic sector
  • Strategies for the next normal for your events, your business and your career

Two important points make this report different:

  • It is a report based on surveys of thousands of PCMA members, DMO leaders, business event participants, as well as interviews with brand and industry leaders from all over the world. We synthesized this data along with data from econometric models and public health policies to develop potential recovery scenarios and opportunities, giving subscribers the information, they need when they need it most.
  • This is more than a one-off launch and leave it report. We all know the circumstances around the pandemic are constantly changing and impacting the outlook for our industry. We created Compass as a research and insight service for business events stakeholders that will be updated on a bi-monthly basis or when critical new information becomes available, keeping subscribers informed.

This report was born from the voices of thousands of PCMA members, DMO leaders, business event participants, brands and industry stakeholders from all over the world. We will continue to update our data and send it to subscribers on a bi-monthly basis, so the information you need is always current.

We believe that there has never been a more important time for people and communities everywhere to come together to confront our challenges. Business events have the power to lead recovery and help with the challenges our communities face.

But if we are going to play a role in bringing people together in the aftermath of the pandemic and the induced economic and social crises, we are going to have to do it within a whole new paradigm. Compass is about helping stakeholders understand that paradigm and how they can prepare themselves to thrive during the pandemic and beyond.

Compass provides direction to beginning, continuing and going forward for what is needed for recovery for your business, your career and your community.

This is perhaps the most comprehensive research undertaking in our space since the 2009 economic significance studies. Without the investment support of the PCMA Foundation, the cost of a Compass subscription would be $1495 USD. We have been able to reduce the cost to our members to $495 USD as a result of that investment. Charging a reduced amount allows us to recover some of our ongoing research costs recognizing we are all struggling in the midst of difficult economic times for our industry. This fee ensures we can continue to provide the most recent and factually accurate information that your community needs.

Pricing is as follows:

  • Executive Summary – FREE to members, $49 USD to non-members
  • Full Report Subscription – $495 USD to members, $895 USD to non-members
  • Full Report + Membership – $495 USD + $360 USD planner or $485 USD supplier

PCMA’s Recovery Discovery journey is an ongoing campaign of research, reskilling, event experimentation and education, helping our members and global stakeholders navigate their businesses and careers. Our ultimate destination and beyond is to come to a place where business events professionals, organizations, brands and communities will thrive when they are needed the most. PCMA is committed to helping our industry be part of the solution to economic recovery.

Insights from Compass provide for PCMA to provide compelling guidance focusing on recovery in two distinct areas:

  • We will continue to provide timely data and informed insights on recovery scenarios and opportunities through Compass.
  • With the ongoing support of the PCMA Foundation and our business partners, we will continue to develop educational content and reskilling products (e.g. Digital Event Specialist) to support business events stakeholders through the pandemic and beyond.

More Recovery Discovery and Research Coming Soon

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