Webinar: EduCon 2023 Firestarter Workshop: #EventGoals

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​Is your event attendance disproportionate to your investment? We’ve all felt the pain. Join this free firestarter workshop for an exclusive, interactive learning opportunity to leverage what you have in your own backyard to boost attendance.

During an intimate discussion with top Montréal innovators, PCMA leaders, and industry peers, you will:

  • Assess how lingering “post-COVID attendance” challenges factor into your latest event turnouts.
  • Work together to analyze a sampling of word-of-mouth social influence with Snöball, a platform that transformed the “snowball effect” into a reportable algorithm.​
  • Learn tactics for identifying various personas and transforming even the shyest of them into full-on event ambassadors using technology.
  • You’re not alone: gauge remaining attendance ROI concerns with your peers and workshop solutions together.​


  • Duration: 00:44:52
  • Date: 06/15/2023

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