4 Things Every Planner Should Know About Québec City

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From what the weather is really like to the gourmet food, we’re tackling some of Québec City’s biggest myths (and why you should plan your next event in this picturesque Canadian hotspot).

Québec City is many things. As one of North America’s oldest European settlements, its Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site, a living museum comprised of cobblestone streets and historic architecture. Its dramatic setting along the St. Lawrence River reveals a horizon lined with rolling mountain ridges, and its abundance of green spaces provide plenty of places to soak in all the natural beauty. But what about the weather? And don’t they only speak French there? The truth is, Québec City is a unique destination that is perfectly suited to meetings and conventions. Here are five common misconceptions and the reality behind them.

Myth: It’s so far away.

Set along Canada’s eastern coast, Québec City is easily accessible from every major North American city. Less than two hours from New York City and about three hours from Chicago by plane, your attendees will have no problem getting here, whether that’s by plane, train or automobile. Americans also don’t need a visa to travel in and out of Québec.

Myth: They only speak French.

While French is the official language in Québec City, English is widely spoken here and most residents are bilingual. There is a certain joie de vivre that permeates the city, and your attendees will be easily charmed by the genuine friendliness and hospitality they’ll experience. Francophiles will love the opportunity for cultural immersion here without having to travel all the way across the Atlantic.

Myth: All they eat is poutine and meat pie.

Poutine is delicious, but savory comfort food isn’t the only thing you’ll find in Québec City. With its locavore centric menus and award-winning chefs, Québec City is a foodie paradise. At Québec City Convention Centre, Chef Jean-Pierre Cloutier offers creative event menus that showcase the region’s finest ingredients.

Myth: It’s always cold.

Yes, Québec City winters see plenty of snow. But the reality is that the city experiences four distinct seasons, offering a kaleidoscope of activities (and landscapes to admire) year-round, both indoors and out. Whether its sampling fresh maple syrup at a local sugar shack in the spring, cruising the St. Lawrence River in the summer, hiking through the colorful foliage in the fall or planning an event around the enchanting Québec Winter Carnival, your event will benefit from the variety of festivals and things to do, no matter the season.

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