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Wondering how to determine your audience’s willingness to attend a live event? The PCMA Catalyst community discussed what questions to include in a survey.

Surveying Attendees About Live Events

A recent virtual open forum conducted by Global DMC Partners addressed planners’ challenges in terms of future event planning.

Convincing Stakeholders to Hold Live or Hybrid Events is Planners’ Top Concern

Why Digital Events Are in ‘an Awkward Phase’
Technology may connect us physically, but much remains to be learned about its ability to create emotional connections.

Why Digital Events Are in ‘an Awkward Phase’

Destination and venue leaders from three convention cities share how they have weathered the first half of 2020 and what they are doing to prepare for the future.

3 DMOs on Group Business in the Living-With-COVID-19 World

virtual event
The American Society of Neuroradiology was in the final stages of retooling its Annual Meeting in Las Vegas. Then came COVID-19. Here’s how the meeting was reimagined all over again as a virtual event.

Reinventing an Annual Meeting Twice During a Global Pandemic

Virtual Medical Conferences
The pandemic has ushered in the Extended Congress, which offers several key advantages over live events, according to a medical journal.

How Virtual Medical Conferences Offer Greater Flexibility, Better Learning Experiences, and Attract Larger Audiences

air travel
Research group Dynata surveyed thousands of travelers in 11 countries, asking them what COVID-19 health and safety procedures would make them feel comfortable enough to resume air travel and hotel stays, among other activities.

Survey Reveals Consumer Concerns About Resuming Travel

As destinations have started to lift stay-at-home orders and businesses are reopening their doors, CVBs are helping to ensure their communities stay safe as they ready to welcome visitors once again.

How CVBs Are Helping Destinations Safely Reopen

Black birders
A weeklong digital event created in response to a racist encounter has led to more efforts to expand opportunities for people of color in the conservation field.

Inaugural Black Birders Week Sparks Additional Initiatives