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Visa issues
Yassmin Abdel-Magied recounts her experience with border agents on the most recent episode of the TED Radio Hour, underscoring the challenges that some speakers and attendees face in coming to the U.S. for conferences.

Author’s Ordeal Illustrates How Visa Issues Can Impact Events

Blockchain Revolution Global
At April’s Blockchain Revolution Global event, the spotlight will be on enterprise leaders and applications — moving away from a focus on cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Evolution

Adrian Ott
The European networking platform for associations turns to partnerships to improve members’ learning options.

AC Forum Spreads Its Wings

pay transparency
Pay transparency — allowing all employees to access the salary information of their bosses, their peers, and even their CEO — is quite rare. The annual Convene Salary Survey helps us understand the business events industry more. Make it as robust as possible by participating in the 2019 questionnaire.

Should You Share Your Salary Information?

The AEG Facilities-SMG deal is the latest move in the mergers-and-acquisitions game that is touching nearly every corner of the meetings and events industry.

Consolidations Reshaping Business and Events Industry

BestCities Global Alliance’s recent “Universal Accessibility in Meetings” report offers recommendations on how to make business events more inclusive. Step One: Add accessibility clauses to your RFPs.

Accessibility: What Clauses to Include in Your RFP

PCMA’s Antonio Codinach on AIME, APAC plans
Antonio Codinach, PCMA’s regional business director for APAC, recently spoke to CIM magazine about the organization’s collaboration at AIME and its APAC plans in 2019. The conversation was part of CIM’s 5 Minutes feature.

PCMA’s Antonio Codinach on AIME, APAC plans

generation z
The world’s youngest employees are digital first in almost every facet of their lives. But their preferred work communication style may surprise you.

How Gen Z Communicates at Work

association events
What will associations be talking about most this year? Association management and services company SmithBucklin explores that question in its 16th annual Circuit publication.

SmithBucklin’s Trends to Watch in 2019