Planning Redefined: Madison’s One City, One Contract

A Sponsored Article from Destination Madison

Why this revolutionary way to do business makes Madison, Wisconsin, a planner’s paradise.

Named one of the top 10 happiest cities in the world by National Geographic, Madison knows how to make people smile. Its two picturesque lakes, plethora of outdoor recreation activities and assortment of award-winning, farm-to-table restaurants will please most any attendee. But it takes something special to charm event planners. Enter Destination Madison’s new “One City. One Contract.” offering, a streamlined planning system designed to make life easier for those at the helm.

One City. One Contract. is a welcome alternative to the repetitive negotiations, constant rewriting of indemnification and liability clauses, and never-ending pile of paperwork that has become business as usual for most planners. Here, you’ll have one master contract that covers your nuts and bolts, and an addendum with your customized hotel details and cancellation policy all under one agreement. In Madison, everyone works together, and that includes hotels. Whether you’re looking for a boutique stay at one of Madison’s many independent hotels or need a block of rooms at big brands like Hilton, Marriot, or Hyatt for your next conference, this system gives you equal access to both, effectively stitching all of Madison’s hotel brands together to make it easier for you.

Add this ease of planning to the city’s walkable convention district, charming Capital Square and its famously friendly Midwestern attitude, and your event is guaranteed to make everyone, including yourself, smile.

Let Destination Madison show you just how easy meeting planning can be.

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