DEI Tech Spotlight: Making Better Decisions With Better Data Management

Author: David McMillin       

As event organizers deal with a massive mountain of information, Cendyn aims to help them climb to the top for a better view of all that data.

Partnership disclosure: Cendyn participated in the Tech Spotlights series at PCMA’s Convening Leaders 2018, a paid sponsorship opportunity. The company has worked with a wide range of partners including Hyatt, Hilton, and Marriott.

As an event organizer prepares for a wave of attendee arrivals, information adds up quickly. Registration numbers, food and beverage orders, staff allocations, vendor contracts, and more — more data waits at every corner of a conference venue. David Dvorak, senior vice president, brand and enterprise sales, Cendyn, told PCMA that the company’s suite of corporate event tools is built to make handling all that information much easier. From the first moment of searching for the right venue to the post-event financial analysis, Cendyn aims to take the work out of data.

“Cendyn’s MetronXpress solution drives event efficiency, accountability, and consistency across all departments,” Dvorak said. “This on top of instant access to key event data guides an organization to make wise choices, through data-driven decision-making.”

In addition to helping organizers make better decisions, Dvorak highlighted that the company makes sure that those organizers are the only ones with access to all that information. “The security of event-related data is now front and center,” he said “and Cendyn delivers on this requirement. A security challenge presents itself only when it is too late, and MetronXpress provides unparalleled security to protect our customers’ data.”

Supplier Success

Cendyn’s roots are in the hotel industry, and the company has created a new level of efficiencies for properties around the world. For example, consider the Hilton Toronto, located near the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The property hosts a wide range of group events, and the team relies on Cendyn’s Getplanning tool to save time and create a more collaborative work approach. “Getplanning has reduced a lot of the checking and double checking,” Jennifer Sioutis, director of events at Hilton Toronto, said. “It changed our whole process for the better.”

“It allows us to stay organized as a team,” Sioutis added. “Within the program, everyone is participating. We use it across the hotel. You simply open a folder and see all of the documentation and discussions. Everything is in one spot.”

Streamlining workflows and enhancing efficiencies are obvious benefits, but Dvorak highlighted that the real value of the technology is its trickle-down impact on what really matters: the attendee experience.

“Every event you produce is meant to show people what your organization is all about — to thrill and surprise your audience with memorable experiences,” Dvorak said. “Cendyn’s event management solutions let you do this by organizing all your internal operations from start to finish on one platform. This lets you produce events of any size efficiently, while controlling your meeting data, costs, attendance, and ROI. Instead of managing inputs, data, running reports, and other administrative tasks, planners can focus on the attendee experience and making it flawlessly memorable.”

Interested in learning more about what Cendyn can do? Click here for a full tour of the company’s corporate events suite.

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