The Culture Catalyst: Shifting Leadership Perspectives and Creating a Culture of Psychological Safety 

Author: Matthew Kalb CMP, CEM-AP       

I recently had the privilege of addressing a topic I believe is critically overlooked in our industry: psychological safety. Thanks to PCMA, I led two insightful sessions to bridge this significant gap. 

The first session was dedicated to sharing various psychology studies and their relevance to fostering a better workplace culture. The practical, actionable strategies I provided set my session apart from many others. These tangible practices were designed for immediate implementation, ensuring that attendees were left with fundamental tools to improve their work environments. 

In the second session, I facilitated a discussion on the importance of psychological safety. We delved into how essential it is to create an environment where employees feel safe expressing themselves, taking risks, and making mistakes without fear of repercussions. I emphasized that even if psychological safety is currently absent in a workplace, it can be developed swiftly with the right approach. 

The response from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing gratitude for highlighting this crucial topic based on research rather than opinion. Their feedback underscored the urgent need for more frequent and open discussions about psychological safety in our industry. This experience confirmed that psychological safety is vital for a healthy and productive workplace, demanding greater attention, dialogue, and action. 

After this experience at edUcon, I hope to bring this crucial conversation to more events worldwide. The feedback and engagement I received have strengthened my resolve to advocate for psychological safety across the global stage. I plan to participate in conferences, seminars, and industry gatherings to disseminate these vital insights and practical strategies further. By doing so, I aim to spark meaningful change and foster environments where psychological safety is prioritized, leading to healthier, more productive workplaces worldwide. This mission is about sharing knowledge and inspiring actionable transformation in how we approach workplace culture universally.” 

Matthew Kalb CMP, CEM-AP is the Vice President, Client Experience at T3 Expo. Follow Matthew on LinkedIn for more insights: 

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