Senior Event Marketing Manager, Dell Technologies

With over 17 years of global experience in the incentives and events industry, Seynabou Cisse currently leads the Incentive Events team at Dell Technologies. In this role, she manages impactful experiential programs that motivate high performers and top sales professionals around the world. 

A passionate lifelong learner and global citizen, Seynabou has lived and worked across three continents, gaining diverse perspectives through her varied professional and personal journeys.  

Beyond her corporate responsibilities, Seynabou has a strong commitment to personal growth and unlocking human potential. As a certified soul purpose catalyst, she helps others discover their true calling and inner gifts through intuitive spiritual coaching. Her goal is to ignite small sparks that can transform lives. 

With curiosity, compassion, and creativity, Seynabou makes the most of every opportunity to explore, connect with people, and pave the way for positive change – whether facilitating immersive travel experiences or providing guidance to find life’s deeper meaning. She brings this vibrant, purpose-driven approach to everything she undertakes. 

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