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Experience Vienna like never before by choosing one of our highly curated exploration tours. From graffiti to rollercoasters, culinary delights to activity based workspaces we have something instore for all.

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The Secret Food Tour

Awaken your senses

Vienna’s food scene has been influenced by several nations dating back to the 19th Century and continues today which resulting in an enormous range of specialties available. Let’s take a walk through the Vienna Stadtpark with its flower booth and Würstelstände as we head to one of the leading new bakeries in town. We will journey through some of Vienna’s narrow streets and courtyards and explore unique little shops producing Viennese delights, last stop is a Roman Cellar, where we can finally taste some of the best wines which are produced in Vienna’s local vineyards to this day!

Made in Vienna

Handcrafted favourites

This walk through the city centre takes you to all kinds of “Vienna’s favourites”, some of them family owned to this day.​

Let’s have a look at Julius Meinl coffee or “Manner Schnitten”, walk through some of the most charming courtyards to hear about violin makers and famous composers such as Mozart, Beethoven or Brahms. Walk by the store of famous hat-maker Mühlbauer who amazes even “A-Listers” with his handmade “IT HATS” and maybe we are even allowed to have a look behind the scenes…

Street art Extended

From vandalism to the White House

Walls across Vienna have been specially marked out by the city government for artists from across the world identifying them as spaces to create daring and ground-breaking street art in the Austrian capital. You will be taken to the most amazing walls in Vienna, to view work by local and international artists, as well as along the Donaukanal, a famous area for spraying. You will learn about the techniques, books and festivals involved, and hear the story of how the street art that made it from the streets of ’80s New York to the White House then crossed the Atlantic to Europe, before returning, refreshed to North America. Taking pictures on this tour is an absolute must.​

A Rollercoaster Ride

(In real life)

Adventure, tradition, and Viennese charm at once – no other place radiates so much energy and is steeped in history dating back to 1766 quite like the Vienna Prater. You will learn of the Prater history, present and future followed by a backstage exclusive of the operations of it’s rides. Finish the afternoon by choosing to board one or more of their turbulent roller coasters, spooky ghost trains or other attractions. There is hardly any other place in the world to challenge your senses in this intoxicating way than the Vienna Prater, one of the oldest amusement Parks in the World. ​

A New Workspace Concept

“Innovative architecture & urban development”, WU Campus & Viertel Zwei – get to know one of Vienna’s most unique architectural landmarks, a showcase of sustainable urban development, and talk to the experts at Value One, professional real estate developers. ​

The visit will include a short presentation of the stands (the former racetrack stands which were converted into offices), Value One’s activity-based-working concept, sustainability at Value One and especially at Viertel Zwei. ​

Sustainable Urban Planning in Downtown Vienna

A walk through Vienna’s historic centre with a focus on climate adaptation and urban modernization. ​

An exploration of the modernization of historical buildings unveiling the secrets that make them fit for present day and future challenges. Natural ventilation, urban greening, car free spaces and an eco-hotel are only some of what you will experience. You will finish by exploring Neuer Markt a historical square that has been transformed from a parking spot into a liveable space. It’s the perfect place to end this tour, linking Vienna’s rich past and its historical landmarks to present day questions of climate adaptation and sustainability.​

A Smart City within a City

The Seestadt Aspern is being built on an area like Vienna’s historical city centre, designed to be a smart city within a city. By 2030 it will be inhabited by 25,000 residents, offering a similar no of jobs. However, it’s not only the scale that makes it noteworthy, but its innovative, resource-saving and climate-friendly approach to modern urban development. The walk will explore some of the concrete implementations in its most recently finished district as blue infrastructure, green houses and new urban spaces that were initiated by the community, concepts for eco-friendly mobility, as well as different approaches to sustainable buildings. ​

You will get a look at the world’s second largest timber high rise and the latest addition to the Seestadt’s growing infrastructure allowing it to host great business as well as social and cultural gatherings.

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