Tech Spots from Convening Leaders 2020

The Tech Spot solution demos during PCMA Convening Leaders 2020 LIVE offered a deep dive into leading technology tools to help elevate your business events.


How Risk Averse Are Event Organizers?

One Convening Leaders 2020 session presenter conducted a little experiment among his audience to find how risk averse event organizers are. The results speak volumes about getting buy-in for your bold ideas.

Harnessing Emotion as a Leader: Tools to Express Emotions at Work

Leadership success is shaped by effectively harnessing emotion to build trust while still maintaining the delicate balance between sharing and oversharing. This session equips leaders with the tools to understand, navigate and express their emotions at work.


Navigating Your Diverse Workplace

It’s possible to have five generations represented in one workplace, a historical first. This phenomenon raises challenges in communications, retention, training and recruitment. This session will examine the shifting demographics and dynamics in workplaces and how leaders can successfully navigate relationships with each generation.

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