Community Outreach Projects – Giving good

Looking for a local community service in which your event can get involved?

Giving Good is your first stop when booking your event’s community outreach program.

Giving Good is the business events industry’s comprehensive online resource for event organizers to find, vet and book community impact projects. The website is designed to be the organizer’s first stop when booking community outreach programs.

With easy-to-use features, Giving Good provides a snapshot of key information organizers need to add a give-back element to their event. Features include the ability to connect with other event organizers, get additional information from destination service departments, or reach out to the community impact project directly for more information.

With the support of ASAE, Association Forum, Destinations International (formerly DMAI), IAEE, and MPI, Giving Good is well on its way to being an essential industry resource for event organizers. There are over 30 destinations now featuring their community impact projects on Giving Good and it is growing daily.

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